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Tips for Staying Active Over the Christmas & New Year Period

By November 19, 2018 No Comments
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Typically, we eat more and exercise less during the Christmas Holiday period.  If we get too out of balance with our food intake and activity output, we may literally be bursting with holiday cheer.  


To avoid bursting at the seams, here are 5 tips to help you keep the balance over the holidays.


1.Put on your favourite activewear (KDW Apparel are our leggings of choice!), which will make you want to move, and you’ll be ready if there is an opportunity to do some exercise.

2. Take the stairs. In one minute a 70kg person can burn 10 calories walking up the stairs, versus 1.5 calories by taking the elevator.

3. Do some online exercises, classes. If your favourite Pilates studio, gym or yoga studio is closed over the holiday period, try one of the many online programs available, such as www.thebodyrefineryonline.com which incorporates amazing Pilates workouts and programs, many of which have nutrition guides as well!

4. Opt for active socializing. Build activity into your catch-ups with friends and family, by suggesting a hike or a walk instead of lunch or a coffee. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine – it will keep you away from the leftover ham!

5. Invest in an activity tracker.  Trackers, like Fitbit or Apple iWatch, are a great way to check that you are not spending the entire holidays watching the cricket or at the latest movie releases. Sitting is the new smoking, so ensure you are getting over 10,000 steps a day.


The Christmas holidays and the New Years break will be even greater if you feel better at the end of them by mixing in a healthy dose of activity along with the food, drink and fun!

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