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A few months ago when I was re-reading a book by one of my favourite authors, Katy Bowman, called ‘Move your DNA’, I started to fully appreciate that even if you go to the gym for an hour each day, then spend the rest of the day sitting at your desk, you are still considered ‘sedentary’. Humans are moving less and less and even though the idea of exercise is becoming more prevalent, it isn’t really changing our long-term health outcomes. Chronic disease is still increasing… 

So, I finally started wearing my activity tracker every day, and despite going for a 40 minute walk each morning, doing Pilates regularly, going to the gym, and having a job that requires me to stand for much of the day, I usually wasn’t hitting the recommended 10,000 steps a day for basic wellness!

My Activity tracker alerted me to how little I was moving – not exercising – moving.  So I have set myself a goal to move 15,000 steps a day and to do this I have to practice what I preach, and walk instead of drive, and get up from my desk regularly and move around. I have to change my mindset and not think of walking as time-consuming, but rather a necessity for my long-term health.


Here are 5 of my tips to help keep me moving

  1. Wear an activity tracker – I wear an Apple watch because of their other functionality as well as activity tracking
  2. Ensure your activewear makes you feel fabulous – I love my KDW Apparel leggings.  They are bright, fun and fabulous
  3. Set an alert to get up if sitting for longer than 30 mins – Most activity trackers will have this functionality
  4. Get moving with a friend, set regular dates to go walking with friends
  5. Keep a journal of how good you feel from moving regularly compare the difference after 4 weeks.  Your mood will be better I guarantee it.


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Written by Susan Cottrell